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We provide wholesale computer deals for businesses across Canada looking to improve their IT capabilities. Whether big or small, Supertech provides the perfect solution for your computing needs through refurbished laptops, desktops, and tablets. 

Refurbished electronics are items restored to like-new condition. These products are tested for any issues and defects to ensure that they are fully functional. At Supertech, our products undergo an intensive process that results in high quality refreshed products at wholesale prices.

Refurbished products can create excellent value for businesses looking for high quality technological solutions. Refurbished laptops, tablets, and desktops sold by us provide the performance you need from your device at a reduced price compared to brand-new models. Furthermore, choosing a refurbished process can help you benefit the environment. Our refreshing process ensures that less electronic waste ends up in landfills, which contributes greatly towards reducing energy consumption and pollution.

We offer a wide variety of laptops, desktops, and tablets from various manufacturers, including Lenovo, Apple, Dell, HP, Microsoft, and many more. Please contact us for more information about our current stock.

We provide components and accessories for the products that we service, including RAM, Storage (Hard Drives and SSDs), and compatible Adapters for devices. Click here to learn more about our products and services.

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